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100% Safe Shopping Guarantee

Shopping Guarantee
Payment Options
Shipping Policy
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Shopping Guarantee

We want your shopping experience to be enjoyable and secure.

The credit card payment area of our site is secure as it is protected by the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This means that any information you send us is protected by encryption.

It's easy to tell when you are protected by encryption -- the lock or key at the bottom of your browser changes color or is no longer broken. Netscape Navigator 2.0+ (or better) and internet Explorer 3.0+ (or better) supports the SSL protocol.

We recommend that you use the latest browsers to ensure that you are protected by the advances in security technology. .


Payment Options

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We gladly accept all major credit cards through Simply choose "PayPal" as the payment option on the order form. Please use our verified e-mail address for all of your PayPal transactions.

Checks & Money Orders:

You can now pay us with your personal check, cashiers check or money order. Simply choose "check/money order" as the payment option. Then just mail your check or money order to the address below. Also, include a printed copy of the order confirmation. Money Orders, Checks or Cashiers Checks must be drawn in US Funds only: In order to maintain our low prices, it's necessary for us to wait for personal checks to clear before shipment ? please allow extra 7 days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Credit card use : Master Card, Visa

We insist that shopping on a secure site is safer than giving out your credit card number by fax or telephone, cellular and cordless phones in particular. Customers must register before making an order. This is to protect the credit card holder from fraud. The cardholders will be contacted if there is any doubt that they have not placed the order. To help protect against the use of stolen credit cards, we use an address verification system (AVS), which means that large orders can only be sent to the billing address of the credit card.


Feel free... Please make all checks and money orders payable to DamselWorld and mail your payments to the following address:

DamselWorld, Inc. P.O. Box 290404 Brooklyn, NY 11229


Shipping Policy
Take advantage of our EXTREMELY LOW promotional shipping rates!!!
In most cases everything is in stock and orders will be shipped within 4-10 business days of you placing it. If an item is out of stock, your order could be delayed a few extra days.
International order placement guidelines:
  • International orders placed outside of US will be processed only if shipping address provided will match the address specified with the Credit Card Company.
  • All International orders MUST be issued in US dollars.
  • Please be aware that International order?s secure verification usually takes several days longer then domestic orders.
If you have any questions about our Shipping Policy please click on Contact Us button above or send email to our Customer Service and we will get back to you within 24 hours with detailed explanation regarding this matter.
Per Item Per Order Maximum Shipment Charge Per order Free Shipment
USPS Priority To Anywhere In USA n/a $4.95 n/a On any 5 items or more*
USPS Global Priority To Canada $7.50 n/a $20.00 n/a
USPS Global Priority To The Rest Of The World $10.00 n/a $28.00 n/a
*Free shipping on any order of 5 items or more. (USA costumers only)

Return Policy

Our commitment to customer satisfaction also includes returning goods to be exchanged in case you are not happy with your purchase for these reasons:

  • when incorrect items are sent to you

  • when the item sent to you does not meet product specifications.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us for a prompt exchange, credit or refund. We offer you a 100% refund for up to 14 days from the day of the purchase and exchange of your items for up to 30 days from the day of the purchase.

We will be happy to replace them with a similar or different item that is marked at the same value. When you send us a returns notification through e-mail, we will respond within 24 hours to give you detailed instructions on how to go about this process.

Need more information please email to:

DamselWorld, Inc.


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100% Safe Shopping
Payment Options
Shipping Policy
Return Policy
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